CEGA’s 2024 Strategic Plan

The board of directors at CEGA is thrilled to announce the release of our 2024 strategic plan, strategically charting the course for growth, community engagement, and elevated value for our valued members.

Key Areas of the 2024 Strategic Plan:

Expanding Membership:

Our commitment to growth includes targeted recruitment of students and young professionals, improved retention of our existing membership base, and enhancing the appreciation of our dedicated volunteer base.

Engagement Through Events:

To foster meaningful connections, we will host a series of engaging and topical events, including social events, education courses, and field trips. Embracing virtual and hybrid formats, these events aim to create a sense of community and facilitate networking opportunities.

Enhance Existing Offerings:

In our pursuit of excellence, we’re enhancing our offerings by improving financial reporting for transparency, fostering external collaborations with organizations to broaden perspectives, and elevating the quality of our publications.

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