Student membership with the CEGA offers a range of benefits and activities for geoscience students. Here’s a summary of what you can expect from being a student member:

  1. Online Access to Journals: You’ll have access to the Bulletin of Canadian Energy Geoscience, a peer-reviewed journal with current issues and archives dating back to 1953. Additionally, you can access the Reservoir magazine and its archives.
  2. Discounts on Events: As a student member, you’ll enjoy discounts on various events, including conferences, short courses, field seminars, and social events.
  3. Scholarships and Awards: Scholarships and awards through the CEGA University Outreach Committee, which can be beneficial for your academic and professional growth.
  4. Cross-Canada Lecture Tour: CEGA organizes regular lecture tour series, where prominent geoscientists present at major Canadian universities. This is an excellent chance to stay updated on the latest trends, network with industry professionals and academics, and connect with fellow students.
  5. Volunteer Opportunities: You may have the chance to participate in volunteer opportunities related to geoscience and the energy industry, which can provide valuable experience and networking opportunities.
  6. Student Industry Field Trip: This field trip offer hands-on learning experiences in the industry and can help you gain practical knowledge outside the classroom.
  7. Sporting and Networking Events: CEGA organizes various sporting and networking events like the 10K Road Race, Squash Tournament, and Mixed Golf Tournament, providing a fun and social aspect to your membership.

The University Outreach committee, consisting of young geoscientists working in different roles in the energy industry, is dedicated to supporting university students as they transition from academics to the professional world. They are open to feedback on their programs, lectures, and events, demonstrating their commitment to continuously improving and providing valuable experiences for student members.

If you are interested in geoscience and the energy industry, becoming a student member of CEGA could be an excellent way to enrich your education and expand your professional network.