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Volunteer Spotlight – Jenn Martin

Jenn’s dedication to the Canadian Energy Geoscience Association (CEGA) spans nearly a decade, during which her contributions have been nothing short of exemplary. As an integral member of the Student Industry Field Trip (SIFT) committee, Jenn’s commitment has been unwavering, especially during the tumultuous period of COVID-19 lockdowns. Stepping up as Co-chair, she navigated the challenges with resilience and creativity, ensuring that despite the obstacles, students were still able to engage in the program effectively.

Beyond her role with SIFT, Jenn’s passion for nurturing the next generation of geoscientists shines through in her countless hours of mentorship and support. She not only imparts her wealth of knowledge and expertise but also fosters an environment where students feel empowered to thrive.

Jenn’s impact extends beyond CEGA as she generously lends her time and expertise to the CSPG Foundation, where she serves as a Trustee. Her commitment to the broader geoscience community reflects her deep-rooted belief in giving back and paying it forward.

What truly sets Jenn apart is her unwavering positivity and supportive nature. Whether it’s taking on new responsibilities or tackling challenges head-on, she approaches every task with enthusiasm and determination. Jenn’s leadership is marked by her ability to inspire others, making her an invaluable asset to CEGA and the geoscience community as a whole.

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