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The CSPG Foundation raises money to fund and support educational petroleum geoscience outreach across Canada. The CSPG Foundation is the charitable arm of CEGA and is a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.

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Gift of Securities Form – Printable PDF

Donating Securities to the Foundation
• Donating publicly- traded securities to charity has a favorable tax advantage.
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• If you donate certain types of capital property to a registered charity you may be eligible for an
inclusion rate of zero on any capital gain realized on such gifts.
• Please consult a lawyer or accountant regarding donating securities to the CSPG Foundation

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Restricted Funds

Atlas 2027 represents the mammoth undertaking to renew the classic 1994 Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, published by the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists and the Alberta Research Council (predecessors to the Canadian Energy Geoscience Association (CEGA) and the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS)). Like the previous Atlas, this version will take seven years to compile, require support from multiple agencies, and thousands of hours of commitment from hundreds of authors and volunteers. Combined with the data of hundreds of thousands of wells, outcrop observations, and remote sensing, the final result will be one of the most extensive geological treatises ever published.

The CSPG Foundation is accepting donations for the ATLAS 2027 project. Any donations made through this portal will be restricted by the Foundation to be used only for the ATLAS project. Individual donations to the CSPG Foundation ATLAS 2027 Fund are eligible for a tax receipt. These receipts will be mailed out to contributors at the end of January each year for the previous year’s donations.

The Alberta Paleontological Society (APS) in cooperation with the Paleontological Division of the Canadian Energy Geoscience Association (CEGA) hosts educational and public outreach events and projects throughout the year for the purposes of presenting, sharing and discussing the science of paleontology with both professional geoscientists and the general public. The initial donors of this fund, Harvey and Steffie Negrich, wished to provide the seed money to continue the promotion of the CEGA/APS initiatives as outlined in the restricted fund terms of reference. 

The CSPG Foundation will be accepting donations to this restricted fund going forward. Individual donations are eligible for a tax receipt. These receipts will be mailed out to contributors at the end of January each year for the previous year’s donations.