Go Take a Hike

Go Take A Hike is a compendium of 83 hikes in beautiful natural areas around Alberta and Eastern BC with a focus on the geological story of the outcrops and natural processes that are encountered along the way.

Thank you to our project sponsors!

Thank you to all of the individual sponsors!

1. Jura Creek (Exshaw, AB) – SPONSORED by John Maher
Michelle Asgar-Deen, Jennifer Adams, Katherine Boggs
2. Upper Kananaskis Lake (Peter Lougheed PP, AB)  – SPONSORED by the Trustees of the 2018 CSPG Foundation Board
Philip Benham, Margot McMechan, Yingchun Guan
3. Ptarmigan Cirque (Kananaskis Country, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Riverboat Resources Ltd.
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
4. Picklejar Lakes (Kananaskis Country, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Tangle Creek Energy Ltd.
Philip Benham, Jeremy Anderson, Chad Glemser
5. Yoho Glacier (Yoho NP, BC)   –   SPONSORED by Ian Hutcheon and Colleen McMechan
Ron Spencer, Victoria Jeary, Steve Moore
6. Johnston Canyon (Banff NP, AB) – SPONSORED by Lis Bjeld in Honour of Graeme Bloy
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
7. Canyon Creek/Moose Mountain (Kananaskis Country, AB) – SPONSORED by Sigma Explorations Inc.
Dan Quinsey, Philip Benham
8. Lake Minnewanka (Banff NP, AB) – SPONSORED by Raymond P. Featherstone
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
9. Headwall Lakes (Kananaskis Country, AB)   –   SPONSORED in Memory of Dr. Spencer McLean
Philip Benham, David Miller
10. Salt River (Wood Buffalo NP, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Michael Webb
Chris Schneider, Andres Altosaar
11. Grosbeak Lake Boulder Plain (Wood Buffalo NP, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Georgia Hoffman in Honour of Esther Lobb
Chris Schneider, Ben Collins
12. Bow Glacier Falls (Banff NP, AB)    –   SPONSORED by Allen Schink
Ron Spencer, Victoria Jeary, Steve Moore
13. Nihahi Ridge (Kananaskis Country, AB)    –   SPONSORED by Andre, Manda, Elise, Celine and Chantal Chow
Jon Greggs
14. Salt Plain Overlook (Wood Buffalo NB, AB)
Chris Schneider, Andres Altosaar
15. Peace Point (Wood Buffalo NP, AB)    –   SPONSORED in Memory of Bif Armstrong
Chris Schneider, Andres Altosaar
16. Devonian Outcrop (Water Treatment Plant, Fort McMurray)
Chris Schneider, Matthias Grobe
17. Whitemud Falls (Wildland PP, East of Fort McMurray, AB)
Chris Schneider, Matthias Grobe
18. Karstland Loop (Wood Buffalo NP, AB)
Chris Schneider, Andres Altosaar
19. Wapta Mountain (Yoho NP, BC)   –   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Jim Aitken
Ron Spencer, Rob Taerum

20. Horseshoe Canyon (West of Drumheller, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Nicholas Wemyss
David A Eberth
21. Carthew/Alderson Lakes (Waterton NP, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Tangle Creek Energy Ltd.
Jon Noad
22. Red Rock Canyon (Waterton NP, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Brian & Sandra McLachlan
Stanley Williams
23. Sandy Point (Northwest of Burstall, AB)
Jon Noad
24. Red Rock Coulee PRA (South of Medicine Hat, AB)
Philip Benham, Brett Frostad, Tiffany Miller
25. Peyto Lake/Bow Summit Lookout (Banff NP, AB)   –  SPONSORED by Ted Best in Memory of David Barss
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
26. Larch Valley/Sentinel Pass (Banff NP, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Bette Best
Patricio Desjardins, Christopher Collom, Joey O’Brien
27. Mount Robson/Snowbird Pass (Mount Robson PP, BC)   –   SPONSORED by Walt Gamp
David Thomson
28. Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (East of Milk River, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Federico Kraus
Rudi Meyer
29. Rockpile/Moraine Lake (Banff NP, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Richard Couillard
Philip Benham
30. Willow Creek Hoodos (Southeast of Drumheller, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Helen Benham in memory of Peter Benham (Sr.)
Philip Benham
31. MacKay River (Gauging Station, NW of Fort MacKay, AB)
Milovan Fustic, Rody Strobl, Bryce Jablonski
32. Cardium at Kananaskis Dam (Seebe, AB)     –   SPONSORED by Allen Schink
Wayne Braunberger
33. Muskeg Falls (Grand Cache, AB)
Philip Benham, Christopher Collom
34. Hell’s Gate (Sulphur Gates PRA, Grande Cache, AB)
Philip Benham
35.  Kicking Horse River (Field, BC)    –   SPONSORED by Jon Dudley – To those who will inspire in the future
Philip Benham, Clinton Tippett, Randle Robertson
36. Whaleback Ridge (Yoho NP, BC)    –   SPONSORED by Clark and Rosalind Damer in Memory of Walt Gamp
Peggy Hodgkins
37. Old Fort Point (Jasper NP, AB)   –  SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Lee Slind
Mark Smith, Bill Arnott, Gerry Ross
38. Temple Lake/Lake Louise Resort (Banff NP, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Kathy Scales
Mark Smith, Bill Arnott, Gerry Ross
39. Mount Hamel (Grand Cache, AB)
Ross Kukulski, Steve Hubbard, Brett Miles, Keegan Raines
40. Second White Specks at Highwood River (West of Longview)   –   SPONSORED by Robert Pryde
Nick Zajac, Per Kent Pedersen

41. Helen Lake (Icefields Parkway, Banff NP, AB) – In Memory of Murray Coppold
Philip Benham, Cynthia Riediger
42. Grassi Lakes (Kananaskis Country, Near Canmore, AB) – SPONSORED by Bill Ayrton
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
43. Emerald Basin (Yoho NP, BC) – SPONSORED by ARC Financial Corp. in Honour of Ted Link
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan, Ron Spencer
44. Grassy Mountain (North of Blairmore, AB) – SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Don Norris
Mona Marsovsky, Keith Mychaluk, Vaclav Marsovsky
45. Brewer Creek Headwaters (South of Invermere, BC) – SPONSORED by Mark Skoko
Kevin Root
46. Blindman River (SE of Blackfalds, AB) – SPONSORED by Kevin Parks
Philip Benham, Yinchun Guan
47. Tunnel Mountain/Bow Falls (Banff NP, AB) – SPONSORED by Alice Payne and Robert Allin Folinsbee
Charles Henderson, Elizabeth Henderson
48. Skoki Valley (Banff NP, AB) – SPONSORED by Ted Best in Memory of William Bell
Brett Frostad
49. Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump PP (West of Fort MacLeod) – SPONSORED by David Clyde & Lynn Hepperle
Cory Gross
50. Walcott Quarry Burgess Shale (Yoho NP, BC) – SPONSORED by Alfred Fischer
Philip Benham, Christopher Collom
51. Mount Stephen Trilobite Beds (Yoho NP, Field, BC) – SPONSORED In Memory of Irmgard Weihmann
Christopher Collom, Randle Robertson

52. Mount John Laurie (AKA Yamnuska) (NW of Seebe, AB) – SPONSORED by Ray, Kurt, and David Geuder
Markus Ebner, Kevin Root
53. Elbow Lake/Sheep Lakes (Kananaskis Country, AB) – SPONSORED by Bob & Margot McMechan
Margot McMechan, Christine Nygren
54. Buller Pass (Kananaskis Country, AB) – SPONSORED by Bob & Margot McMechan
Margot McMechan, Christine Nygren
55. Natural Bridge (Yoho NP, BC) – S
PONSORED In Memory of Dr Elisabeth Wagner
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
56. Kicking Horse Mine Adits (Yoho NP, BC) – SPONSORED by Paul Johnston in Memory of Kimberley Johnston
Kimberley Johnston, Paul Johnston
57. Grotto Canyon (East of Canmore, AB)
Melissa Newton
58. Ram Falls Provincial Park (West of Caroline, AB) – SPONSORED by Philip Benham in Memory of Breton Thomas
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan, W.R. Jamison
59. Radium Hot Springs (Kootenay NP, BC) – SPONSORED by Mark Skoko
Philip Benham, Clinton Tippett, Yingchun Guan
60. The Bugaboos (Bugaboo PP, BC) – SPONSORED by Alison Essery & Ken Gray
Markus Ebner
61. Prairie Mountain (West of Bragg Creek, AB) – SPONSORED by Mark Cooper
W.R. Jamison, Dylan Jamison
62. Crowsnest Volcanics (Coleman, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Felix Frey
Georgia Hoffman, Willem Langenberg, Melissa Bowerman
63. Windy Peak/Hailstone Butte (West of Chain Lakes PP, AB)    –   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Bill Gallup
W.R. Jamison, Dylan Jamison
64. Rock Candy Mine (Granby, BC)
Philip Benham, Ryan Benham
65. Moose Creek (East of Beaverfoot Lodge, BC)    –   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Bill Gussow
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan

66. Edworthy Park (Calgary, AB)   –   SPONSORED by John Varsek and family
John Varsek, Philip Benham
67. Foothills Erratics Train (Calgary and Okotoks, AB)    –   SPONSORED by Ted Best

Philip Benham, Jim Dolph
68. Fish Creek Provincial Park (Calgary, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Paul MacKay

Philip Benham, Cathy Ryan, Yingchun Guan, Jim Dolph
69. Big Hill Springs Provincial Park (West of Airdrie, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Peter and Janet Tertzakian – for Our Children

Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
70. Rat’s Nest Cave (Canmore, AB)
Gavin Elsley, Simon Haynes
71. Frank Rockslide (Frank, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Pete Gordy

Willem Langenburg, Monica Field
72. Banff Hoodoos (Banff NP, AB)
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
73. Plateau Mountain (Kananaskis Country, AB) – SPONSORED in memory of Donald J. Glass
Samantha Jones
74. Mount Edith Cavell (Jasper NP, AB)    –   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Eric Mountjoy
Philip Benham, Nat Rutter, Brian Pratt
75. Plain of the Six Glaciers/Lake Louise (Banff NP, AB) – SPONSORED by Rick Young
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan, and Jeremy Anderson
76. Marble Canyon/Paint Pots (Kootenay NP, BC) – SPONSORED by Susanne, Martin & Lucas in memory of Walt Gamp
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
77. Athabasca Falls (Jasper NP, AB) 
Philip Benham, Ryan Benham
78. Athabasca Glacier (Jasper NP, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Philip Simony
Philip Benham, Peter Benham
79. Medicine Lake/Maligne Canyon (Jasper PP, AB) 
Philip Benham, Ray Price
80. Parker Ridge (Banff NP, AB) – SPONSORED by Stephen Nold & Rebecca Stern
Gary Prost
81. Karst Spring (Spray Lakes PP, AB) – SPONSORED by Matrix Solutions Inc., Calgary Hydrogeology
Georgia Hoffman, David Frishman, Margot McMechan
82. Rawson Lake/Sarrail Ridge (Kananaskis Country, AB)   –   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Ray Price
Mark Taylor, Philip Benham
83. Heritage Ranch (Red Deer, AB)    –   SPONSORED by Jon Dudley in Memory of Len Hills
Len Hills, Jared Fath

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