Gussow 2024: Montney Subsurface Evaluation: Drive Towards Excellence is a single-track conference that will showcase the technical work being undertaken across a myriad of multi-disciplinary geotechnical areas within the Montney Formation. Given its unique opportunity to act as a secure national energy source, economic deposit for global companies, and a resource to aid in the energy transition, a proper understanding of the Montney subsurface is required to unleash its full potential.

Technical Program and Session Overviews Available

The technical program and session overviews for Gussow 2024 are available! This year’s Gussow conference focuses on recent cutting edge geoscience technical work being undertaken to optimize fluid recovery within the Triassic Montney Formation. This event will provide attendees with abundant opportunities to learn from, and interact with, a likeminded community of individuals from academia, industry, and government. Access the technical program and session overviews today.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring Gussow 2024 presents a unique chance to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the geoscience community. Your company’s support of this event empowers CEGA to deliver valuable content, nurturing professional connections and facilitating new opportunities in the industry.

As a sponsor, you’ll gather insights on emerging industry directions, identify potential business openings, and connect with peers in the field. Secure your sponsorship early to enjoy pre-event exposure, ensuring heightened brand recognition and visibility leading up to the conference. Join us in shaping the future of geoscience and amplifying your organization’s influence within the sector.

Gussow 2024 Registration Opening Soon

Gussow 2024 registration opens May 31st. Review conference pricing beforehand, so you’re ready to officially sign up at the end of the month.