CEGA offers specialized Technical Divisions, providing a platform for professionals to deepen their knowledge and expertise in specific areas of energy geoscience.

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  • Provide a CEGA forum for members who are interested in seeing the “wood” when they are looking at the “trees.” Most of us deal with small areas in our daily work. A good understanding of the big geologic picture in which our areas are located will facilitate better geological interpretations and predictions, which will translate into higher drilling success rates.
  • Be innovative, inspiring, and practical. We will try to introduce new concepts and methodologies of basin analysis and sequence stratigraphy to our group. We would also like to share inspiring interpretations of historical Canadian data.


Mark Caplan

Steve Donaldson, Senior Geologist, Canadian Discovery Ltd.

  • Addresses environmental converns, hydrogeological aspects, carbon capture, sequestration, and explores the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.


Maren Blair

Travis Brookson

Dan Palombi

  • Focus on providing a technical platform for speakers to share their geothermal knowledge.
  • Foster building connections within the geothermal industry to provide advancement in energy future.
  • Diverse topics that include project updates, innovative technologies, industry trends and beyond.


Yannick Champollion, Eavor, Senior Reservoir Engineer

Rochelle Longval, P. Geo, Blue Spark Energy, Vice President of Geothermal

  • Focuses on providing attendees the opportunity to learn more about the geology, technology, various projects, and development in the heavy oil/oil sands industry.


Rob Paul

Doug Schmaltz

  • Engages with global perspectives in energy geoscience, exploring international projects, opportunities, and challenges.


Jerome Biollo, P.Geo, Senior Geologist, Unconventional Resources

Kent Wilkinson, Senior Manager, Business Development Centre, Americas, CNOOC International

  • Focuses on petrophysical and well logging technologies and data interpretation techniques, essential for understanding subsurface rock properties


Reigh MacPherson, Petrophysicist, MacPherson Energy Consultants

  • Operates in association with the Alberta Paleontological Society (APS) and the Mount Royal University Earth Science Department to provide a forum for CEGA members and the general public who are interested in paleontological issues and applications.


Lacey Holoboff

  • Structural geology focuses on deformed rocks and their tectonic history from the microscopic to regional scale and includes the exploration of hydrocarbons and economic minerals, production geology, and includes aspects of groundwater, geotechnical engineering, and natural hazards, such as landslides and earthquakes.
  • Purpose is to share knowledge and experiences and to promote continuous learning and collaboration.
  • Deliver to members via in-person and virtual presentations, field trips and the identification of useful structural geology resources in the energy geosciences.


Catherine Huff, P. Geo., Senior Geoscientist

Pat McLellan, McLellan Energy Advisors 

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