CEGA offers specialized Technical Divisions, providing a platform for professionals to deepen their knowledge and expertise in specific areas of energy geoscience. These Technical Divisions include:

  1. Basin Analysis & Sequence Stratigraphy: Focuses on understanding basin evolution, stratigraphic sequences, and integrating geomodelling techniques to better interpret subsurface geology.
  2. Energy Transition and Sustainability: Addresses environmental concerns, hydrogeological aspects, carbon capture, sequestration, and explores the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.
  3. Geothermal: Explores the Global Geothermal Industry through knowledge sharing from integrated geoscientific disciplines with the goal of highlighting the highly relevant skills of hydrogeologists, petroleum geologists, mining geologists, geophysicists and geomechanics specialists.
  4. International: Engages with global perspectives in energy geoscience, exploring international projects, opportunities, and challenges.
  5. Heavy Oil/Oil Sands: Focuses on providing attendees the opportunity to learn more about the geology, technology, various projects and development in the heavy oil/oil sands industry.
  6. Structural Geology: Investigates the development of geological structures and their implications for hydrocarbon exploration.
  7. Paleontology: Operates in association with the Alberta Palaeontological Society (APS) and the Mount Royal University Earth Science Department to provide a forum for CEGA members and the general public who are interested in palaeontological issues and applications.
  8. Canadian Well Logging: Focuses on petrophysical and well logging technologies and data interpretation techniques, essential for understanding subsurface rock properties.

Our Technical Divisions are sponsored by geoLOGIC systems inc.

Technical Division Sponsor

Technical Division Sponsorship

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Interested in being a presenter?

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