The Gussow 2023 Conference: Geomechanics for Sustainable Energy Development is a focused, single-track event highlighting the critical role of geomechanics in energy projects. From the exploration, production and storage of hydrocarbons, hydrogen and geothermal energy through to disposal and sequestration of wastes and greenhouse gases, geomechanics plays a key role. The conference brings together academia, industry, and government for learning and collaboration, catering to both practitioners and end-users of geomechanics. 

The conference includes five sessions over three days:

  1. In-Situ Stresses with Applications to Petroleum and the Energy Transition: Investigating stress magnitudes and orientations for energy projects, from unconventional wells to induced seismicity assessment.
  2. Geomechanical Characterization of Rock and Fracture Properties: Understanding rock and fracture properties using testing techniques and geophysical logging.
  3. Geomechanical Issues and Applications Associated with Injection And Storage: Exploring geomechanical issues in fluid and solid injection for sustainable energy development.
  4. Natural Geomechanical Subsurface Hazards and Risks: Characterization and Assessment: Characterizing and assessing natural geomechanical hazards and their impact on energy projects.
  5. Evolving Stress Conditions: Measuring and Monitoring: Technologies to track stress changes, fault motions, and pore fluid saturation for optimized energy operations.

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