1. Energy geoscientists form a community within which the privilege of professional practice dictates both professional behavior and professional responsibility.
  2. CEGA forms one part of the broader spectrum of energy geoscientists.
  3. The CEGA Code of Conduct serves multiple purposes: it sets the standard for professional behavior, it reinforces fundamental principles and it clarifies appropriate conduct.
  4. The CEGA Code of Conduct applies to all members of the CEGA.

Under the Code of Conduct members of the CEGA are expected to:

  1. Lead by example with integrity, honesty, fairness and objectivity in their professional and societal activities;
  2. Treat all members of the CEGA with respect;
  3. Abide by the expectations of the CEGA Diversity Statement;
  4. Maintain competence in the geosciences;
  5. Express opinions on geoscience matters based on adequate knowledge and honest conviction while engaging in the interchange of geoscience information and experience with CEGA members and the general public
  6. Act in the best interests of the CEGA when operating as Officers, Directors and nominees for office and as Committee Chairs and Committee Members
  7. Represent themselves in a manner consistent with the dignity of the Society
  8. If applicable, abide by professional standards of the Associations under which they are legally regulated;
  9. Behave in a lawful manner;
  10. Apply and follow safety procedures when in the office and the field; and
  11. Respect the environment.

Duties to the Society

  1. Abide by the CEGA Code of Conduct;
  2. Participate in fair election practices of Directors and Officers and assist the CEGA to ensure that only qualified members seek election;
  3. Abide by the terms and standards set for best practices with respect to information made available by the CEGA;
  4. Consider volunteering in support of CEGA activities; and
  5. Encourage qualified professionals to join the CEGA

Discipline for Violations of Standards

  1. Disciplinary actions are subject to the general discipline process set out in the ByLaws.
  2. First infractions will be heard by select members of the Executive Committee.
  3. Pending findings and consultation with both parties, either a mediated approach will be followed and/or discipline leading to expulsion will be initiated.